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AgraTronix BHT-1 Baler Mounted Hay Moisture Tester, 07150, 8-40% Moisture



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AgraTronix BHT-1 Baler Mounted Hay Moisture Tester, 07150, 8-40% Moisture

The single most important factor influencing the quality of hay is moisture. This useful, affordable electronic tool lets you quickly and accurately measure moisture. Moisture content is read by sensor plate and transmitted to electronic display. Unit is designed to be affixed to baling machines, in bins, or in barns. Features direct readout for percent moisture while baling hay, average of readings updated and displayed every 3-5 seconds, backlit display for night use, built-in self-calibration button, testing range of 8%-44% moisture, above and below moisture limit indicator, sturdy display module mounting bracket with adjusting knobs, long-lasting sensor shoe, and stainless steel hardware. Fits square or round balers. Complete kit with 25-ft. sensor cable and water-resistant connectors. CSA approved. One-year warranty.




  • Bale type: square and round
  • Direct readout for % moisture while baling hay
  • Average of readings updated and displayed every 3 seconds
  • Backlit display for night use
  • Built-in calibration button
  • Above and below moisture limit indicator
  • Includes sensor kit, long-lasting sensor pad and stainless steel hardware



  • Moisture range: 8% to 40% depending on baler type use
  • Accurate throughout the normal range of stored hay
  • Display resolution: 0.1% moisture



  • BHT-1™ Sensor Pad - Part No. 07157
    25’ Sensor Cable - Part No. 06065
    10’ Power Cable - Part No. 06066
    10’ Ext. Sensor Cable - Part No. 07158
    BHT-1™ Sensor Pad Kit - Part No. 07159

  • Sensor pad with hardware
  • 25’ sensor cable
  • Mounting bracket
  • 10' power cable