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AgraTronix Ag-MAC Plus Grain Moisture Tester with Test Weight, 30100

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AgraTronix Ag-MAC Plus Grain Moisture Tester with Test Weight and Carrying Case, 30100


Compare to Dickey John Mini-GAC Plus (with Extra Features)




The Agratronix Ag-Mac Plus Grain Tester is the most advanced hand held moisture tester available today. The savings you’ll receive from the Ag-Mac Plus’s moisture and weight testing accuracy will more than pay for itself.  Whether you are a Full-Time or Hobby Farmer moisture testing is an important step to insure a profitable harvest.

Features Included:

  • Displays grain test weight with no pre-weighing (pounds per bushel)
  • New “No Spill” Technology with Patented Swiper for leveling grain (Only On the Ag-Mac Plus)
  • Locking Grain Hopper (Hopper Locks to tester so it’s less likely to fall off)
  • Direct Readout for over 20 different grains (Can store over 40)
    • Competitor unit can only store a total of 16 grains
    • USB Compatibility for easy updates of software, grain scales, and diagnostics (Just Plug in and Update)
      • No cumbersome codes or numbers needed like the competitor’s unit
      • Automatic Temperature Compensation
      • Automatically averages choice of 3, 6, or 9 readings
      • Large easy to read back-lit LCD Screen

Package for the Ag-Mac Plus Includes:

  • Ag-Mac Plus Grain Tester, Grain Hopper, Durable Carrying Case, 4 AA Batteries, USB Cord (Not included with competitor unit), Instruction Manual, 1 year Manufacturer Warranty

Unit Specifications:

  • Measurement Method: Capacitance, Conductive, Internal Scale, Temperature
  • Moisture Range: 5-45% (Based on Grain Tested)
  • Grain Temperature: 40-113 Degrees  F (5-45 Degrees C)
  • Temperature Compensation: Automatic
  • Display LCD: ( 128x64 pixels)
  • Sample Size ( 0.34 L) Grain Hopper Size ( 0.5 L)
  • Calibrations: will hold over 40 different grain calibrations (Compare to 16 from competitor)

Moisture Measurement Specifications:

  • Accuracy: Calibrations based on U.S. Standard (ASABE : American Society of Agriculture & Biological Engineers Oven Dry Method)
  • Moisture Accuracy and Repeatability:  0.2% moisture based on grain type
  • Moisture Resolution: 0.1% moisture

Grain Temperature Measurement Specification:

  • Accuracy: 1.0 Degree F (.5 Degree C)
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1 Degree F (0.1 Degree C)

Test Weight Specifications:

  • Repeatability: 0.5 lb/bu depending on grain type (0.5 kg/hl)